Kini Targeted

Kini Targeted
Singled Out For Arbitrary Arrests

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Here Comes The PoPo
For some reason, this one won't go away. We've pelted her with menacing punks, shit disturbing twerps, Christian bigots, mean misogynist men and corrupt judges. We unlawfully evicted her, taken away her driver's license illegally, ran her out of the state, profiled her as a lesbian so American men could rape her straight. We've bullied her to death. We've ruined her credit, taken her $100k rightfully inherited trust estate and all her vehicles. We've made her live on the streets in the winter knowing she is dying. We've kept her from her beloved horses and arrested her arbitrarily. We've locked her up in mental institutions and declared her insane.We've told her brothers and families she is a sex offender so she won't have a family. We've even denied her her religious preference: Judaism. But, she keeps coming back." Is it worth it?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Induced Government Paranoia To Send People Away To Mental Institutions

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Or, this one

What Did The American Nazi's Do To Cosma?

They systematically harassed her, made it impossible for her to earn a living, sent her to live in homelessness and ghettos, seized her possessions, enslaved her and is killing her through a lack of medical access.

Every single Jewish Holocaust story is different, and it differs from every country. Here's a small list of what Nazis did to Cosma (a Jew with a gentile name):

  • Cosma was prohibited from walking into many stores, restaurants, etc. 
  • Cosma has to be identified with so many alias that the U.S. Government has given her that she stumbles on a daily basis as to her true identity
  • Cosma is unable to wear jewelry and was forced to give up her Star of David during one arbitrary arrest in Lassen County, California.
  • Cosma has been threatened daily with unrealistic and grotesque experiments.
  • Cosma has been banned completely from ALL of her professional agendas
  • Cosma was not allowed to own and operate a vehicle
  • Cosma has been forbidden to own any businesses
  • Cosma is not allowed to own pets or run her farm and has to stay at home from 8pm till 6am and her controlled territory is within a two mile radius of her ghetto home 
  • Cosma cannot look outside her front door or out her window lest she be accused of stalking someone else. However, it is okay if men whose sexual curiosity is peaked can intimidate Cosma.
  • Cosma was prohibited from participating in weight lifting and other sports because "she has a history of stalking women."
  • Cosma's two minor sons were "legally" abducted. One was turned into a child soldier 
  • Like the Nazi's who did not want to waste one bullet on a Jew, so too, Cosma has not had one iota of justice despite her filing more than 15 years of legal pleadings and motions

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