Kini Targeted

Kini Targeted
Singled Out For Arbitrary Arrests

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Here Comes The PoPo
For some reason, this one won't go away. We've pelted her with menacing punks, shit disturbing twerps, Christian bigots, mean misogynist men and corrupt judges. We unlawfully evicted her, taken away her driver's license illegally, ran her out of the state, profiled her as a lesbian so American men could rape her straight. We've bullied her to death. We've ruined her credit, taken her $100k rightfully inherited trust estate and all her vehicles. We've made her live on the streets in the winter knowing she is dying. We've kept her from her beloved horses and arrested her arbitrarily. We've locked her up in mental institutions and declared her insane.We've told her brothers and families she is a sex offender so she won't have a family. We've even denied her her religious preference: Judaism. But, she keeps coming back." Is it worth it?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Klamath County Sheriff Uses Chemical Warfare Against Woman

The Klamath County Health Department is too busy citing little old ladies for bring deserts to Church then reviewing my reports of their filthy disease ridden jails. Does anybody see a pattern of retaliation against targeted Americans here?
The use of chemical warfare against U.S. citizens consist of shit disturbing twerps who the government uses as informants to purposely plug the septic system so that you are up to your neck in community sewage. This is in retaliation for one of my complaints and to force women out of their homes, keep them on the streets, homeless, in a brave attempt to terminate their lives.

Not only did I land in prison on July 4th, but this July 4th I was forced to contend with a sewer flooding of feces and urine. I now live in a trailer court of white trash as a result of my suing the U.S. government, inter alia, for excessive "camping" violations). 
Pat Robertson wants Facebook 'vomit' button to press when he sees photos of gay couples. How about this one?

The sewer was backing up in my trailer, so I called the landlord. I knew that when he arrived with his snake he would lift up my pipe cap and sewer spillage would land in front of my kitchen window...So, I jumped out of my trailer and demanded that he go within 5 feet to the shit disturbing twerp next door and check out his sewage system.

Making all kinds of excuses for the punk, including his not using the septic system until his camper is full, the cap being sealed, etc, I repeatedly said for him to check the punks system. (Such a fight for women to live independently). 

I went with the landlord and as he opened the punk's cap out poured a flood of feces nonstop. The landlord must of pulled out 20 feet of wire the punk used to block the system.
The neighbors blamed me and became hostile believing it was my sewer system backed up. While it is true, when the U.S. government destroys your health, you can become ill from their ill-will treatment of you and their sick cover-ups. Trust me, they could give a rat's ass about women, only young blonds.
The next day, the shit disturbing twerp had a urinal backed up within 3 feet of my bedroom (One in many events, a  consistent pattern by the U.S. government) . Now, there are health codes to prevent these kinds of situations. However, any health code violation does not apply to me, a disenfranchised Hebrew American.
The U.S. government knows that I come from a Kosher Jewish background but to violate my religious rights does not matter to them.

Farm Tools Can Be Mistaken To Be Guns

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